How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

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If you’re in the market for a new car then you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want. You’ll have to decide whether to go to a used car dealer or if you prefer a brand new car. There are pros and cons to both but it really just comes down to what’s going to suit your needs the best. Then you’ll have to chose a dealer and then finally you can take a look at the type of car that you want. however, keep an open mind because once you get to the dealers and actually start driving cars, you may realize that the one you wanted is not actually the best fit for you. Let’s take an example situation:

Picking the Dealer
There’s a lot of places for you to choose from when it comes to buying a car. By answering a series of questions you’ll be able to narrow down your list. For example, you’ll decided to stay away from used car dealerships and go with a new car so your choices could come between your local Subaru dealers or the local Chevy dealerships. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two places, check out both of them. You’ll want to take the same steps for each place so you can make accurate assessments of each, compared to each other. Wherever you decide to go really depends on whether you want a new or used car. Then you should read reviews and customer satisfaction reports to find the best dealerships.

Going for a Test Drive
Once your dealerships are picked and ready to go, make separate appointments at each one to take a car for a test drive. Some dealerships will let you take it out for a spin on the same day. You should pick the same car at the local Subaru dealer as well as the Chevy one. Pay attention to the way that they talk about the car and how they try and sell it to you. The facts should be the same but if they aren’t, remember the difference and ask a trusted mechanic to find out which dealer is being honest with you and which is not. That’s the most important thing, you don’t want to be swindled into a car that isn’t actually what you thought it was. During the test drive make sure that you are paying attention to the car as well as the sales person. You may end up buying one of these cars so you’ll want to know about them and remember how they handled.

Negotiating the Deal
Once you get to the point where you know which care you want to buy whether it’s from the local Subaru dealer or the Chevy dealer, you’ll have to sit down with the sales person at some point to negotiate your contract and deal. Don’t sign anything without being completely happy with the deal. There’s a lot that can be negotiated. Really, there’s nothing that is off limits during the negotiation period. The sales person’s main goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible while your whole aim is to spend the least amount possible. Make sure that you meet in the middle and you aren’t going 70 while they only go 30.

Buying a car can be a frustrating process but once you get the car that you want it can be very worth it. Especially getting a new car that will last you for many years is a great investment that will give you reliability as well as help to build your credit. However, one of the things you want to look out for are the interest rates. While it can be negotiated, it may not be as movable as you would like it to be. The interest rate will significantly affect the amount that you pay every month on the car so be sure to check that before you finally sign the papers. The best part about buying from your local Subaru dealers, or any dealer, is that you can take the car straight back there if something happens to it that is not your fault or the fault of an accident.

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