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What if you could take a topic a lot of people find boring and turn it into something fun and exciting? That is exactly what Car Talk radio does. Car Talk radio takes the topic of automobiles and turns it into something that is humorous, yet educational and helpful.

Car Talk is a nationally broadcast radio car show. It is hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi. The object of the show is to provide individuals with an outlet to ask questions in regards to automotive repair and service, and get helpful advice and tips back.

The format of the 50 minute Car Talk radio show was fairly straightforward and was the same every week. The show opened with a short, joke filled monologue. After the monologue, the show features eight to nine calls from viewers. All calls were done by regular listeners of the show who called the 800 number for the show.

While this might sound like any other automotive radio program, it isn’t. Car Talk radio takes the questions people ask and turns them into humorous and funny situations. This is done by cracking jokes and making remarks to the callers.

Even though the Car Talk radio show focuses on humor, it also focuses on education. The hosts of the show have extensive car knowledge that can help anyone who is listening. After cracking a few jokes and laughing, the hosts will usually help the caller out by offering them sound and accurate advice.

This auto radio program has developed somewhat of a cult following. People from all over the country would regularly tune into NPR, or National Broadcast Radio, and listen to this funny and helpful show.

New episodes of Car talk radio stopped airing in October of 2012. The show ran from 1977 to 2012. NPR continues to run repeats of this car show radio program at its regular timeslot.

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