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In April 2013, Forbes magazine reported that the average cost of a new car or light truck was 30,303 dollars. It is no wonder why so many people encounter “sticker shock” when they decide to shop around for a new car. The cost of a brand new automobile is so out of reach for most Americans that many ultimately opt for a used or leased vehicle.

While car shoppers can save up to 30 percent on a one or two year old vehicle, used cars are still a considerable expense; and yes, automobiles are expenses, not investments. Although some cars and trucks can cost as much as a modest home, cars will never give anything back to their owners. In fact, during 2011, the AAA estimated that the average yearly expense of car ownership was nearly 8000 dollars, which is 75 percent of the cost for a home with a 1000 dollar monthly mortgage!

Unlike our automobiles, our homes are investments; and, if we maintain them properly, they usually hold their value. However, proper car maintenance will merely keep your car on the road until it is paid off; and even that is never a sure thing. Unfortunately, even the most fancy, expensive, and well maintained automobiles will become victims of depreciation the moment they are driven off the lot. Therefore, it is in our best interests to keep them in good working order for as long as we own them.

Since most people outside of large metro areas like New York City depend on automobiles to travel to and from work, it would be ideal if we were as knowledgeable about our vehicles as the experts on car talk radio shows. While that is not possible, auto radio talk shows can be an informative, and entertaining, companion to auto owners of all backgrounds.

We have already committed thousands of dollars and several years to drive our vehicles. Therefore, all of us could probably stand to learn a few things from the car repair experts on automotive radio talk. Whether you are classic car enthusiast, auto repair professional, or just an average car owner looking to pick up a few handy tips, the auto radio car show hosts will always cover something relevant to you.

The topics of discussion on the top auto radio talk show range from oil change myths to the best auto buys of the year to turbo charging a 350 Chevy. Whether we love our cars or just consider them necessary sources of transportation, every little thing we learn can help us to save money in the long run; and when we are spending up to 8 grand a year on them, every little bit makes a difference!

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