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Folding camper trailer

Here are the plans so far for the family trip to Shreveport, Louisiana. With a goal of visiting their cousin who is a college gymnast with a home meet, the group decided that it was time to get themselves organized. They have been brainstorming all of the details that they need to figure out. Here are a few:

  • How long are planning on staying?
  • How many days should we take off work, if any?
  • Where are we meeting to drive down south? A central location like Omaha might be best, but we are up for other suggestions.
  • What besides clothes do we need to bring? We may have some down time and we are hoping the weather is nice so we could bring some backyard games to enjoy.
  • Where do we want to stay? We can go the traditional route and stay in hotels, or we can rent a hull house through an online site. A whole house arrangement would let us do some of our own cooking if we want.
  • What vehicles should we take? If 10 of us go, we will need two. Should we take our own vehicles or should we rent cars? Too bad we cannot find a way to all travel together.

The older generation, as in the parents and aunts and uncles, have decided to go together to purchase one of the Airstream camper models, and they are going to let us use it for the trip. We will still need to take a second vehicle, but the option of having one of the Airstream camper models means that we will have more room for luggage, more room for the ride, and a comfortable place to relax when we are waiting for the Mardi Gras parade to come through campus. Come on, people! Let’s get this trip organized!
What Are Your Upcoming Camping Travel Plans?
From used pop up camper trailers to new pontoon boats, the options for recreational vehicles are quite varied. Whether you are planning a quiet family camping trip for four or a wild cousin adventure, traveling in one of the newest Airstream recreational vehicles is a chance to save money on both hotels and restaurants. A recent survey, in fact, found that for a family of four, traveling by RV on vacation can save from 23% to 59% on the typical cost of a vacation.
Although some used Airstream models are available at used RV stores around the country, many people go for the investment and purchase one of the latest models. Either way, once you have made your RV purchase you can switch from paying expensive hotel rates to affordable campground fees, and from paying for expensive meals at restaurants to creating your own comfort foods in the camper or around the campfire.
Both new and used Airstream camper models are available in a variety of sizes and styles. With custom designed interiors, Airstream camper models can imitate the look of your home, or give you the chance to create a unique vacation paradise on wheels. Even with all the custom decorator options, however, the reality is that most RV travelers simply love the chance to pick up their things and travel whenever they want.
Even in this era of 24/7 technology, camping remains one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the America. Whether your family does its camping in a tent at a public campground, an expensive recreational vehicle, or just a sleeping bag in the backyard, you may have contributed to the $5 billion in revenue generated by the campgrounds and RV parks in the year 2013.
A 2014 American Camper Report indicated that 40.1 million Americans, U.S. population over the age of six, went camping at least once in the year 2013. This number represents 14% of the country who, perhaps to escape the 24/7 technology, got away for a weekend in their Rv, their tent, or a rental property. Were you one on them? If not, maybe it is time for you to get your family organized for a camping adventure that will help you relax, create memories, and see the country. RV travel or tent camping can both provide needed relaxation and refreshing outdoor experiences.

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