A How-To Guide for Shipping a Motorcycle Across the Country

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Congratulations! You just landed a new job in El Segundo, Califonia — a mere 20 miles from the gorgeous Hollywood hills. The only problem is that you’re currently living in Boston. While it might be incredibly exciting to take a road trip across America, that would only cover the transport of one car, and your household has two. Actually, you have one car and one motorcycle. A caravan isn’t exactly the most economically sound option, so what can you possibly do?

For one, start looking up as much as you can about national auto moving companies. After all, that’s exactly what these services exist for. Vehicle hauling can be one of the largest problems in any move, but these services aim to simplify it as best they can. Since it’s your first time shipping, here’s what you’re going to need to know about the process:

Before you ship

Most auto moving companies want to pack in as many vehicles as they can in order to make the most money per trip. That means the conditions of your motorcycle transport will likely necessitate you making your bike as compact as possible — in other words, folding back side-view mirrors and removing saddlebacks and other pieces of protruding equipment. It’ll always help to wash your ride before you pack it up, too, in order to spot stains, nicks and chips more easily when you go to pick it up.

Along those same lines, take plenty of photos of your bike before you send it off to a motorcycle hauling service. You want to be able to hold the company accountable for any damages you believe your bike incurs en route to its final destination, but you’ll need proof in order to have your claim hold up in court. On the other side of the issue, make sure you alert said motorcycle shipping company to your bike’s chronic issues, should it leak from time to time or have mechanical issues once it starts up. These pointers will help the company keep safe the other vehicles it has in its possession for transport.

At the pick-up

We mentioned this above, but always give your bike a thorough check before signing any paperwork that you received it. Whenever possible, opt to receive the motorcycle in the daytime so you won’t have to contend with the dark night sky during the examination. If you’ve opted for transit coverage, the company should be prepared to eat the cost of any damages incurred — and the best way you can verify your claim is with the photos you took before the shipping.

But say you purchase the bike online. You won’t have the option of taking any “before” photos, so it might be best in that situation to opt for insurance no matter how good the company’s reputation on the road is. Most auto shipping companies will offer protection against road damages, but always make sure to review the company’s plan before you opt into it.

Once you ship your bike once, you’ll be a pro at the entire process. But remember to always read up on the service before you sign on the dotted line. The last thing you need is an auto moving headache. Find more: www.dasautoshippers.com

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