8 Suggestions for Generating Quality Leads


Auto dealer leads are one of the most important factors in figuring out when something is going to be a good sale or prospect. Good auto sales leads usually end in closed sales. Or at least, a closed sale with start with quality leads. So, how do you generate those auto dealer leads in order to get the sales? Here are a few ideas for doing just that.

  1. Physical Papers
    This is all the things like flyers, mailers, bill boards, brochures, business cards, etc. These are the typical way to generate leads. The problem is that everyone is using these methods so your company is not going to stand out simply from handing these things out. Even if you are offering coupons and discounts or deals, that doesn’t always equate out in to quality auto subprime leads. So, once you have done that, what are some other ways that are a little more out of the box?

  2. Newsletters
    This is probably one of the simplest ways to be able to generate leads, be it new or used car leads. When you put up a newsletter, you have a captive audience when someone decides to read it. Don’t make the letter all about you. Share any insights, ideas or wins that you have made for your clients as well as any industry related news that might be interesting.

  3. Blogs
    In a blog, you have total control over what is said but you use it as an opportunity to again have a captive audience much like with the news letter. However, you can do even more with a blog because you can optimize in order to generate more quality auto dealer leads by creating a section whether potential customers can sign up for the newsletter or updates to the blog. Make sure the blog has plenty of quality information.

  4. Social Media
    Twitter in particular is great for getting quality leads. You can use it to follow influential people in the industry and start conversation. Their followers are going to be your potential customers and they’ll be able to see the conversation and can choose to follow you or even just visit your site, which is still great for getting the leads.
  5. Networking
    Don’t underestimate the effectiveneess of networking events where you can meet other people in your industry. Even events that don’t particularly pertain to your industry can still provide you with some great contacts that eventually turn into auto dealer leads. Just make sure to bring business cards.

  6. Media
    This isn’t social media. This is the real media with journalists. They are constantly getting hit up by public relations agencies and departments but if you, as the owner, contact the media and tell them your story in a first person, authentic manner, they will much more open to covering your business which will give you a lot of exposure. When you are trying to find a journalist, don’t mass email them or start your email with a generic ‘to whom it may concern.’ Be real and honest and open and that is what is going to catch their attention.

  7. Branding
    Everyone knows that branding is important. Customers need to be able to relate to brand and recognize it. This means that you should have a strong and easy to understand message that remains consistent across all and any of your marketing platforms. Remember that you can’t please everyone so you have to consider your industry and what is best for that. Customers are going to choose the business that seems to be the most knowledgeable and experienced. Let your brand exude those things.

  8. Videos
    Ridiculous commercials on YouTube are not going to generate leads. Attention maybe, which isn’t a bad thing but you want to be known as a real, genuine and professional company that can offer a quality service when it comes to buying cars. Make your video engaging and interesting. You want something that is going to viral. But it should go viral for the right reasons, not because it was an absolute train wreck.

This eight ideas are great ways for building quality leads. However, you have to be patient. You may not get immediate leads from using these suggestions. It will happen eventually though, you just have to be consistent and persistent always.

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